The DIVENJOY diving center, founded in 2002, is located in one of the five oldest Maritime Republics: NOLI, a town rich in history and traditions, with one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, characterized by its towers and ancient walls as protection of invaders from Zena (Genoa).

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The Diving is located directly on the beach within the Hotel Capo Noli, only about 15 km from Savona and easily reachable for those arriving by car or for those arriving by train or bus.

Noli is a town in the Ponente Ligure (in the province of Savona) ideal for spending weekends and holidays with the family, for relaxation and fun and why not, for diving with all the DIVENJOY staff.

To reach us by train you will need to get off at Spotorno and then take the bus to Noli, while if you come by car, the motorway exit is Spotorno, once you exit the tollbooth follow the signs for NOLI.


Divenjoy is open all the yearexcept in the months of December and January, we organize midweek exits both from the ground and from the dinghy (minimum 5 pax).

The logistics of our diving is excellent for conducting courses starting from the first grades to the advanced and technical ones thanks to dives starting directly from the shore. The diving front bottom slopes gently down from a depth of 1 meter and then extends on a very wide plateau around 5/6 meters where it is possible to carry out all the exercises that the various didactics require, once the plateau is finished a sandy descent begins which ends at a depth of about 32 meters, during the gradual descent it is possible to encounter rocky conformations, visibility is discreet for almost all the time of the year, in summer it is spectacular!

Punti di immersione del Divenjoy
Dive sites
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Cylinders 15lt Biacacco
Attrezzatura completa Divenjoy
Complete Equipment (Scubapro)
Of Spaces Dedicated to Diving

The diving center covers an area of ​​around 400 square meters, providing our customers with heated changing rooms, hot and cold showers, equipment rinsing area, equipment storage and equipment overhaul (SCUBAPRO).

In particular you can find:

  • n. 2 COLTRI compressors
  • n. 100 15 liter biacacco cylinders
  • n 15 12 liter biacacco cylinders
  • n 6 single 10-liter cylinders
  • n 20 complete equipment (SCUBAPRO)
  • N 1 Capelli 16-seat dinghy
  • Computer – torches
  • Cameras
  • Semisealed
  • And from very little GRANFACCIALI OCEAN REEF
Gommone capelli
attrezzatura divenjoy