Dive sites

Divenjoy offers various diving spots with three points in front of the diving, starting directly from the shore.

Noli Gulf

The marine environment of Noli Gulf is the perfect spot for underwater photography lovers. Here you can find a few…
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Bergeggi Marine Reserve

Ever since Bergeggi Island officially became a Marine Reserve, the fish density and diver feedback has become greatly improved.
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Secca delle Stelle

This dive site suits divers of every level of experience. It starts with a descent into the blue down to…
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Secca dei Marassi

This dive site requires an Advanced diving license. The top of the shoal is found at a depth of 24m…
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Secca del Corallo Nero

This side requires a Deep diving license. What makes this dive site very special is the black coral found at…
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Secca Platea

This dive site suits divers of every level of experience. The top of the shoal is at a depth of…
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Secca del Garage

Min depth 16m, max depth 32m. Impressive rocky shoal where we usually encounter moon fish, nudibranch’s, musdee and planarie.
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Secca del magazzino

The dive starts from a depth of 15m to than develops to a rocky bottom
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Secca dei Ramoni

A technical Deep diving license is required for this dive site (max depth of 50m). A majestic pinnacle that rises…
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